Italian Holiday Baking Ideas

At DITALIA, we prefer to avoid the crowds once the holiday shopping season gets started. We have a tradition of getting together to bake Italian holiday desserts. It’s the perfect way to gather family and friends around the kitchen and make something special. Here are 3 of our favorites!

Sicilian Cannoli with Amarena Cherries

Sicilian Cannoli

Because of our Sicilian roots, we are huge fans of cannoli! Adding a little Amarena Cherry and Toschi Orange Peel on the end gives it a special touch. These Sicilian desserts are well worth the effort!

Sicilian Cannoli Recipe


Almond Biscotti 

Italian Biscotti

We always love having these Italian almond biscotti around during the holidays. The kids will love dunking them in hot chocolate. You’ll find yourself enjoying them with coffee and after dinner drinks. A true Italian holiday treat!

Italian Almond Biscotti Recipe


Venetian Layered Cookie Bars

Venetian cookies
Venetian cookies are a colorful Italian holiday dessert idea!

If you haven’t tried Venetian cookie bars, put down everything you’re doing and get baking! Orange preserve and almond paste give them a taste like no other. The layers of color even mirror the Italian flag!

Venetian Layered Cookie Bars Recipe