Why You Should Try Grilled Pizza

Grilling is a great way to achieve a crispy, slightly charred pizza crust. Discover how to make grilled pizza DITALIA-style at home!

Caffe Geraci Sicilian Espresso

Caffe Geraci Sicilian Espresso

On those spring afternoons, there's no better way to recharge than with a biscotto and espresso. Brew yourself a cup of the good stuff--Caffe Geraci Sicilian Espresso, that is. It's from our family's hometown of San Giuseppe Jato. Step outside, enjoy the breeze...and shoot the breeze with some friends. The Italian in you will thank you.

D'argona Chilli Pepper Oil

D’Aragona Spicy Chilli Pepper Oil

If you think you've tried every type of pasta dish, we have something new for you: pasta with a special kick. Just toss your favorite cut of long pasta with D'Aragona Spicy Chilli Pepper Oil. Fruity extra virgin olive oil and spicy chili will have you reaching for seconds...and your glass of water!


Sicilian Pasta Milanese Kit

In the spring, Sicilians come together to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph and eat Pasta Milanese. Bring the experience of authentic Pasta Milanese into your home with our new adventure kit! You'll learn to make Pasta Milanese like our family does, using fresh ingredients and our family recipe (featured on our blog). A delightful way to welcome the spring

2016 Harvest olive oils from Italy

New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grassy, fruity, subtle and bold...there's a whole world of extra virgin olive oil out there! The best way to learn what you like is to taste several oils side by side. Invite your friends and family over for an olive oil tasting. Set out some bread and a few olive oils. Taste and compare notes!

Video: Vince tastes authentic food in Palermo

Vince tastes Palermo’s best foods

From street vendors to colorful foods, life in Palermo is full of excitement. Follow Vince as he seeks out authentic tastes in Palermo!